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It Took Seven Days to Create Our World

It was than that I realized
how many hills we left
upturned, roots shot into
the sky, and anyone could
have seen the ugly in it all.
A lot of things aren’t a same
pattern anymore, and each
day that passes I stroll 
to gaze at what unfamiliar 
took form as- 
I began to enjoy a little less.
There are years where black
and blue was all you felt,
the heat of a palm as it pressed
welts to replace any comfort
of a lie; you lay until one can
never be tired no more. 
It was not discomfort that
took shape of you, only
the effort to root a pair so
tragically; that it could
have only been beautiful.

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I imagined how it felt to be alive
this morning.
It was wedged in a car-ride with
a stranger, swirled in smoke
minutes just before take-off.
I imagined how it felt to let each
single muscle relax until pudding
became of my vertebrae.
It felt good, yet my chest is tight,
but I’d let you become my vice.
I imagined what being alive felt
like beginning in the morning

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If I Cannot Find My Way

I have seen through you,
and we are past lovers in
arms of bandaged pride.
Scar tissue trails over,
with the damages left-
Over and under the years.
I could no longer see,
Trace the hues of living,
or even, feel your talk
against my skin.

I had been capable of
love after loss, but
have I became lost?

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Argument With Myself

I felt alone,
but I am mistaken
as neurotic.
When still,
you were here,
or there;
I was, and still,
felt alone.
You were always
there, so will
you be the wrong?

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There is where we were thrown
altogether to be worn, Gepetto,
and each other body danced
warm in the socks when I was

You and
your rhyme.

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There are empty promises
I try and keep because
without them, I’m yours.

Teach me where the heart
halves until one aches;
mitosis was your novelty,
and I learn too quick.

Every experience spurts
some truth, or growth,
even as you’ve crumbled,
they are yours;

This knowledge.

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My heart is heaviest after
the river that follows rainfall,
and the coffee on your t-shirt;
I can scrub that clean.
I pick as you jab, and both
of us know: two wrongs don’t
make a right, so we
throw arms to call it a night.

You didn’t leave a note 
that morning.

My heart is heaviest because
the rain never came back;
the river dried.

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The blond boy in the red trunks is holding your head underwater
because he is trying to kill you,
and you deserve it, you do, and you know this,
and you are ready to die in this swimming pool
because you wanted to touch his hands and lips and this means
your life is over anyway.

They tell you, “You have got to get going and run! Just run!” My feet are far away from where I am, twenty footsteps behind me, and it conjures as only a comical thought. Here was I, ahead of the path, watching as the lakes I drank from swallow my goal; devoured whole. I reach out, sour, beg, plead, but I reminded myself this morning never to look back. 

"Forget about your past," as I dry my eyes with a piece of torn cloth, sincerely the reflection staring back at me. That was when the tear in all that seems fine became overlooked; that microscopic fault. You know this one, stop trying to prevent it, and repeat, "One cannot murder a virus."

So, how do I pull-out this bad terror resting inside me?

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